Mike Hogan's Hudson Kenpo Karate Studio


Mr. Mike Hogan




Karate Teacher


7th Degree Black Belt


My philosophy when I opened the school in 1992 was to provide a family oriented atmosphere that would include no egos. I take great pride in watching all my students grow both physically and mentally.

I am currently training under Richard "Huk" Planas. Mr. Planas served as VP to Mr. Parker, the founder of American Kenpo. Mr. Planas who was a student of the late Mr. Parker, is considered by many to be the Encyclopedia of Kenpo.

Each year, in May and September, I host seminars with Mr. Planas to continue Mr. Parker's legacy. Please contact me for additional information about attending Mr. Planas' only seminars in New England.

Black Belt rank awarded by Mike Hogan and Hudson Kenpo

Mike Hogan

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